• Hand-Crafted
  • Gluten-free
  • Premium Czech
  • Vegan


A castle brewing site with a strong brewing heritage

CELIA is proud to be brewed by the Žatecky brewery located in the historic Czech town Žatec. Brewing in the Žatec town dates back as far as 1004 but by the end of the 18th century, the original Žatec breweries were not able to cover the full market demand for beer so a new brewery was built in 1797. The CELIA brewery’s cornerstone was laid on 20 June 1798 on the site of a royal castle. After two years of construction, brewing began on 26 July 1800 and the brewery produced 840 kegs containing 4,200,000 litres of beer. 

This history and heritage still remains part of the CELIA brewing process today and its the traditional methods such as manual controls and hops which are still dosed by hand that keep CELIA a geniune hand crafted brew today.


How is our beautiful pilsner made?

Mash the malt

We add the malt into our 120 hectolitre copper mash kettles (hidden from the German army during WWII in the local fields)

Heat the mash

We transfer the mash between the kettles raising the temperature until sacharification

Transfer the mash

The mash is pumped into the lauter tun where it rests for 20 minutes

Cool and ferment

Using traditional open vessels, CELIA is fermented for 14 days ensuring all natural carbonation

Add Saaz hops

Our local protected hops (the only protected variety in the world!) are added and boiled for 3 hours

Filter the sweet extract

The filtered wort is pumped into the brew kettles

Lager in castle walls

CELIA is pumped deeper down into the hillside to conditioning tanks that fill the cellars constructed in 1863

Secondary filtration

After 21 - 25 days of lagering we make a secondary filtration

Bottle and enjoy

Our state of the art bottling line ensures you enjoy CELIA as it should be