• Hand-Crafted
  • Gluten-free
  • Premium Czech
  • Vegan

Dark Craft Czech Lager

With the benefit of being gluten-free

Crafted to remove gluten

Our patented de-glutenisation process produces an ELISA tested value of <5 parts per million.

Vegan friendly

Thanks to the silicone filtration system at our brewery, CELIA is also vegan friendly.

Naturally carbonated

No carbon dixoide is artifially added during the brewing of CELIA, instead we open ferment for 14 days to give CELIA only natural carbonation. CELIA has a truly light taste with low gassiness.

Batch brewed

Traditionally batch brewed in the walls of a 14th century castle using water from the local foothills and Toffee Bavarian malt.

175 Kcal per bottle

Nutritional information per 100ml: Energy 53Kcal; Fat 0g; of which saturates 0g; Carbohydrates 5.5g; of which sugars 3.7g; Protein 0.25g; Salt 0g.

CELIA Dark is densely black with an almost ruby red hue and a distinctive coffee like aroma with slightly nutty and rye bread undertones.  It is thick and chewy on the palate with a big toasted malt character.

CELIA is #Brewedforfood