• Hand-Crafted
  • Gluten-free
  • Premium Czech
  • Vegan

What about the gluten?

CELIA is suitable for Coeliacs - hooray!

To be a true beer the Reinheitsgebot states: the only ingredients that can be used in the production of beer are water, barley and hops. If you remove the barley you become a carbonated alcoholic drink, not a beer. CELIA is proud to be de-glutenised and offers a true Organic and a true Dark lager.


We wanted to remove the gluten so that we could create a truly light tasting lager that could be enjoyed by everyone. After years of research the CELIA team identified an enzyme to bond with the gluten which works its magic during the lagering process in the castle cellars. When run through our innovative silicone filtration system, CELIA retains <5 ppm of gluten.

The patented de-glutenisation process enables the brewery to use only the finest local organic ingredients and ensures no substitutions are required to remove the gluten from CELIA. This ensures great tasting beers that don't compromise on flavour. CELIA is hand crafted during it’s journey through our brewery.  The malted barley is released to the mashing tun and wort is transferred by manual control.  Our straining taps are opened and closed and hops are dosed manually by hand ensuring our hand-on approach is felt throughout the brewing process.

We won't accept anything less than perfection, why should you?